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Grivel Worldwide

In order to get some idea of where people named Grivel live, I have searched through on-line telephone directories worldwide. Specifically the www.infobel.be site has been a great help here.

Of course, a telephone directory gives only an indication of how many people with a given name live in that country. I would expect it to be a pretty good indication, however, and so I have presented the results of this survey on this page.

The countries listed here are the ones for which I could do a search of the 'White Pages' on-line. If a country is not listed, there may not be an on-line directory available, or the on-line directory may only be searchable per city. In some cases, like Bulgaria, Greece and Israel, the on-line directories use a non-Latin alphabet, in which case a search for a Latin alphabet name like Grivel would be meaningless.

Many important countries are not listed yet. I hope to add information on them in the future.

Country   Count   Remarks
Andorra 0  
Anguilla 0  
Argentina 21  
Australia 0  
Austria 0  
Barbados 0  
Belgium 0  
Canada 16  
Cayman Islands 0  
Cuba 0  
Denmark 0  
Dominica 0  
Estonia 0  
France 624 See also Grivel in France.
Gambia 0  
Germany 1 The only Grivel listed in Germany is also found in the Grivel Link Project: prof. dr. Charles Grivel.
Guam 0  
Hong Kong 0  
Iceland 0  
Ireland 0  
Italy 37  
Jamaica 0  
Luxembourg 0  
Macedonia 0  
Malaysia 0  
Monaco 0  
Montserrat 0  
New Zealand 0  
Peru 0  
Spain 3  
St. Lucia 0  
St. Vincent 0  
Switzerland 295 See also Grivel in Switzerland.
Turks & Caicos Islands 0  
United Kingdom 0 There are a number of Grivells (with double 'l') listed here.
United States 18  
Virgin Islands (Brit.) 0  

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