Henry Grivel (1)

name Henry Grivel
Born ~1750
Died 2-aug-1806, Amsterdam
married 1-may-1789 in Amsterdam to Jannetje Ringelenberg (#2)
children Henry Grivel (#3)
  Annette Anriette Grivel (#4)
  (Anna) Marguerite Grivel (#5)
  Francoise Grivel (#6)
  Pierre Guillaume Grivel (#7)
  Jean Grivel (#8)
  Jeannette Grivel (#9)
  Marguerite Grivel (#10)
Henry’s origin in not certain but it seems likely that he was born around 1750 in Switzerland. He probably came to the Netherlands in the 1770s or 1780s. The first record of Henry’s presence in Amsterdam is his ’poorterinschrijving’, which is his registration as citizen of Amsterdam, on February 11, 1789. Here he listed as his place of origin "Bern". Henry died in Amsterdam and was burried on August 2, 1806.
Find out more about Henri’s birth. Try and find out if he had a will made. Also, there should be more records about him in the Amsterdam archives.
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