Roy Randolph (142)

name Roy Randolph
Born Mexico
Father Rene Grivel (#136)
Mother Elizabeth (Thirza) Sadler (#140)
Description of Roy Randolph by Karen Cobeen: Uncle Roy was a choreographer in Hollywood during his working years. He worked with the old movie stars in the motion picture studios. He was a colorful man and maintained close personal relationships with the likes of Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra and others. In his later years, Uncle Roy maintained a school in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico mostly for the poor children in the mountains. He would collect tons of clothes and other basic necessities and distribute them at a big party for the children every time he returned to Puerta Vallarta. He would also do a lot of fund-raising in the US to help support youngsters to go on to college from what was then a very poor village in Mexico. During one year, we visited him there for vacation, bringing with us suitcases full of coats and clothes for all his "kids" he called them. We imposed on any friends traveling to the region to bring extra suitcases of clothes for him too. Uncle Roy always kept a huge bowl of candy for the kids at this home. When I last saw him about 1985 or 1986 he told me that he was not really one of the Grivels but had been adopted off the streets by great grandfather Rene Grivel and raised as their own. He called himself a "street urchin".
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