George Grivel/Gribel (196)

name George Grivel/Gribel
Born 7-oct-1825, France
Died 7-nov-1898, Iowa
Father George Gribel (#194)
Mother Eve D. (#195)
married 14-feb-1856 in Van Buren (Hancock Co. OH) to Lydia Ann Dubel (#197)
children Clarence Gribel (#205)
  Edward Gribel (#206)
  John Gribel (#207)
  Herbert/Marion Gribel (#208)
  William Dubel Grivel (#172)
  Alfreddy Lewis Gribel (#209)
  Rachel May Grivel (#198)
<text> George came to the US with his family when he was about 5. Supposedly they lived in Philadelphia at first, in Lebanon Co., PA for a while, in Pittsburg, PA for a while, and by 1850 they were in Hancock Co., Ohio. George used the name Gribel until about the Civil War. After the war, when he moved to Iowa, he started using the name Grivel. George married in Van Buren, Hancock Co., OH. Later they moved to Rollersville, Scndusky Co., OH. George served in Co. g., 169th Ohio Infantry, 2 May 1864 - 4 Sept. 1864. He filed for a pension on 20 May 1884, from Iowa, because he was an invalid. He was a member of GAR Post #249 West Branch, Iowa. George is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Union Twp., Louisia Co., Iowa.
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