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Purpose of this Website

All companies nowadays have their 'mission statement'. Sometimes they are just advertising slogans, but a proper statement of purpose (other than making money for the owners) can be very useful. Similarly, I believe that making explicit what the purpose of the Grivel Website is, will make it easier not only for me to maintain the site but also make sense of it for you, the visitor.

So, here are the reasons for this Website to exist:

Sounds grand, doesn't it? However, this is what I will be working towards with the Grivel Website. How much of this will ever be achieved will depend for a large part on the involvement of others with the site. In this respect, the site is off to a promising start!

Meanwhile, the goals listed above actually correspond strongly with the design of the site. The History and Genealogy areas of this site implement the information collection goal; the Community area implements the other two goals listed above. The introduction pages for these three areas go into more detail on this.

Read on about the design considerations that underly this site