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Contact Information

The Grivel Website is currently run by a single person - that is me, Eric Grivel. Therefore, feel free to direct all questions, comments, etc. to me. I prefer them by Email:


There will be a mailing list for those who want to be kept informed of new developments on this site. Information about this mailing list, and how to become part of it, will be placed here once the list is in place.

Eventually, there will be an electronic Grivel Newsletter. Information on the newsletter will be placed in the Community area, in the section Newsletter. Currently, the Newsletter section is not yet active.

If you are lucky to have a My Netscape home page, you can add the Grivel News channel to your home page, so you will see the latest news from the Grivel Website. Click here to add the channel to your home page. (For the technically inclined: I provide the latest Grivel Website news in the form of a RSS Rich Site Summary, which is picked up by Netscape. If you know of others who might be willing to pick up these Grivel News headlines, please contact me at the above Email address. I am specifically looking for a way to make this available to people with an AOL homepage.)


I am hoping everyone who has any information about Grivels past and present will consider sending me an Email and contributing this information to the Grivel Website. I firmly believe that through sharing information, everyone in the end will benefit. I will certainly make everything I know available here.

In addition, if you are interested in the Grivel name, please send me an Email asking to be listed on the Community: Contact Other Grivels page. I will be happy to add you to the list. Pretty soon, I will set up a mailing list; you can ask to be added to that one too.

Finally, if you know of any event that may be of interest to Grivels, are looking for specific information, want to ask questions - please let me know. I hope to be able to put anything reasonabley Grivel-related on this site.