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January 2000 News Flashes

January 31 You can now see the latest news from the Grivel Website when you log in to your My Netscape home page. Click here to add the 'channel' to your Home page!

January 28 Added the results of a global Telephone Directory Search to the Web site.

January 25 Definitely connected Harry Grivel to William D. Grivel in the genealogy, and added a lot of ancestoral information for them - thanks to Barb Schultz for the info!

Added automatic acknowledgement of contributors to the genealogy records. Need to see if an automatic link to the contributor's Email should be added.

Added the 'About' page, explaining how I came to create this site. I don't know if anyone is actually interested, but I had to get it off my chest.

January 21 Added French telephone directory survey information, giving an indication of how the name Grivel is distributed over France.

January 20 Tentatively connected Harry Grivel and his descendants with William D. Grivel. Hope to get confirmation on this soon.

January 19 Updated the 'look' of the site, expanded the information content. Created this News section, which is intended to point out new information that has been put on the site.

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