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Grivel Website Contributors

A number of people have already contributed information and time to the Grivel Website. I am very grateful to all of them, and want to acknowledge them individually on this page. Additional information, like Email addresses, is provided only with explicit permission of the contributor.

The Grivel Website is not a commercial operation; I am maintaining and expanding it in my spare time, and all the contributions acknowledged here are in the form of information only. Additional contributions, in the form of time and information, are always welcome. Please see the Contact Information page for some pointers on how to contribute to this site.


Karen Cobeen
Email: cobeen@whidbey.com


Eric Grivel
Email: egrivel@acm.org
Mail Address: 8502 Roberts Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043, U.S.A.


Tammy Maine


Barb Schultz
Email: schultzbarb@hotmail.com


Marc Dubrulle
Email: marc.dubrulle@free.fr